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Who Am I Really...?

At first glance, you'll notice a petite young woman with soft, feminine physique. As you draw near, you'll notice her natural beauty: her warm smile, and the twinkle in her sweet, chocolate-colored eyes. Her welcoming, vibrant aura puts you at ease; and you relax, knowing you have chosen your perfect match.

I'm Happy - and yes, the nickname originated because of my cheerful personality! I'm wild by nature, and I take pleasure in the unconventional. In one moment, you’ll find me barefoot enjoying an evening dip in a hot spring by starlight; the next, I’ll be adorned in high heels indulging at one of my favorite fine dining restaurants. I revel in indulging my senses and experiencing all that the world has to offer. After all, isn’t life just one big, beautiful masterpiece? 

The system of living that we've inherited can easily make us feel confused, overwhelmed, and separate. It lacks a foundation of compassion and connection, whether it's with others or ourselves. Our connection with others is a huge part of our existence and feeling of fulfillment. Our connection to ourselves becomes the foundation an integrated dance of balancing energies. In my eyes it is about acceptance of who we are and remembering our essence.


As much as I enjoy solitude, I wouldn’t mind spending a little time with you. While I endeavor to capture my essence in words, I really do communicate best with my body. I look forward to connecting with you.

Details: 20s, 5'4, all natural head-to-toe

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